Friday, April 29, 2011

Last but not least, new album & song from The Black Dahlia Murder

Alright guys, before you head off to enjoy your weekend, we have one more piece of news to get through. Earlier today, the Detroit death metal stars The Black Dahlia Murder finally lifted the veil on their newest full length, simply titled Ritual. The album, mixed by none other than Jason Suecof, seems to focus heavily on occult imagery and (you guessed it) rituals, so at least concept-wise this is set to be TBDM's creepiest album yet. Ritual will hit shelves on June 21st via Metal Blade Records, but luckily the band saw fit to give us a taste of the new tunes to keep us happy until then, in the form of a new song called "Moonlight Equilibrium". Check it out below.
Their frontman (and one of my personal heroes) Trevor Strnad describes the music as similar to what they did with 2009's Deflorate, but with a more organic production value and more input from their newest member, lead guitarist Ryan Knight. And I must say, after listening to it I have to agree. It has all the atmosphere and catchiness of their last album, but with a somewhat more simplistic production approach, like Unhallowed and Miasma. I still think it sounds a bit thin, but this is also just my first impression of one brand new song on an album of twelve, so I'll reserve my final judgment for when the album comes out. I'm still giddy as a schoolgirl regardless, and I hope to hear them play this and more new songs on this year's Summer Slaughter.

Right-o, that's all for today, have a great weekend everybody. Stay safe, and stay brutal.

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