Friday, April 8, 2011

Yet another friggin' Wormrot video

Man, Wormrot really want you to hear their new shit, don't they? They already released one music video like two weeks ago, and they've made their entire new album Dirge available for free download (it's good, get it), and now they've gone and released another brand new music video, this time for the song "Erased Existence". If that name sounds familiar it's probably because it was actually the first song they released from the album, but everyone knows that everything sounds better when it's playing behind old war footage where shit's blowing up left and right. Check it out below.

Hellz yeah. Dirge is still set to come out in physical form on May 3rd via Earache Records, and I can think of way worse things to spend money on, so I still encourage all of you to go get it when it does. As per usual we'll post more cool things over the weekend if they happen, but otherwise have a fun, safe weekend everyone, see ya on Monday.


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