Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey you! Yes you! Why haven't you heard of Massacre the Wasteland?!

So awhile ago we received an email from a lil band called Massacre the Wasteland asking us to feature them on Mosh Rebellion. It may have taken awhile, but you're in luck guys, cause you're damn good enough to be featured on this prestigious blog.

Massacre the Wasteland play unrelentingly brutal death/grind like few other bands do. Their shit is so heavy it borders on ridiculous, and I honestly can't get enough of them. On top of that their mixing is extremely good for an unsigned band. It's hard not to go crazy and headbang to their shit.

That's why it's a damn shame that there are only three songs (all under two minutes each) available to listen to on their bandcamp page. If you haven't listened to these guys before you need to rectify that pronto, so give an underground band a little help and check out their page. While you're at it you can watch a lil video of theirs and help spread the word about them on facebook. These guys need to get big fast, and they can only do so with your help.

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