Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Arkaik album

Well, never mind what I just said about nothing cool happening today. Just a few minutes ago, Blabbermouth.net revealed that the Riverside, California tech death outfit Arkaik are currently in writing mode for their next full length album, entitled Metamorphignition. Though they are relatively new to the scene (they actually have two other albums, but they didn't really get any attention until their second album, last year's Reflections Within Dissonance), Arkaik quickly proved themselves to their peers, unleashing a formidable sonic assault that turned enough heads to get them tours with bands like Brain Drill, The Black Dahlia Murder and most recently Cattle Decapitation. In their press statement, the band gave the obligatory but always encouraging "more mature, expanding our already established sound" speech, and also said that "the music on the album will be intertwined with a story with the intention of engaging listeners. It will take them on an abstract journey into the transcendental nature of humanity and the cosmos." I know the whole space theme is a bit played out in the tech death genre, but still, a tech death concept album? This I have to see. Arkaik are set to enter the studio to begin recording Metamorphignition at the end of this year, and are anticipating an early 2012 release via the always reliable Unique Leader Records. If it's as good as their last album, then this is gonna be one to put on your wish list folks, believe you me. Check out their Facebook for a taste of their brutality (since YouTube is being a fuck and doesn't want to allow anything but their live videos to load), and keep checking back for more cool shit, you never know when another cool story like this will pop up.


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