Friday, April 22, 2011

Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day 4/22/11

How's it going guys?! I hope everybody's been great, and I hope everyone appreciates the Baby Killer's constant updating of the website. Without him, we would be screwed, so give him a shoutout in the comments for crying out loud! I say this because I know I should be updating the site more and he's practically taken over, but with school taking slightly less of my time I feel I should finally be able to start posting shit regularly, starting today.

And what better way to start posting shit than by resurrecting an old favorite from the site... the fucked up album cover of the day! This one comes from Italian Brutal Death Metallers Vulvectomy. Their second release, Post Abortion Slut-Fuck, is pictured below, and man is it gruesome. It's not every day one sees a guy fucking the lower half of a girl who's upper torso has been completely annihilated. And if one looks closely, you can see the baby who's been aborted hanging in the background. Just take a look and let it sink in.

Fucking gross.

And on a belated note, Happy Passover to all my hebrews and shebrews out there! I hope matzoh makes your shits just as difficult as they've made mine. And, leaving you with that mental image, I bid you all good day... be sure to leave some comments and spread the word.

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