Friday, April 22, 2011

New Dysentery album

Well folks, it's Rebecca Black's favorite day of the week once again, and it's time for us to more or less close down shop here at Mosh Rebellion for the weekend. But before we go, I'll send you guys off with one more little piece of good news. The Waltham, Massachusetts slamsters Dysentery have announced that their newest full length, Internal Devastation, is finished and set to be released this June via Comatose Music. The band showed a lot of promise on their last album From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh, and they've posted three new songs from the album on their Facebook page that sound kick-ass, so this new album is shaping up to be a bruiser. Dysentery are also going on tour in June to support the new album, tour dates and lineups are as follows:

June 3 @ TBA
Lowell, MA
w/ Hivesmasher & More TBA

June 4 @ Hot Shots

Rochester, NY
w/ Grave Descent, Abdicate & Circus Grenade

June 5 @ Blackened Moon Concert Hall

Lansing, MI
w/ Gutrot (reunion), 80,000 Dead, Shit Life, Intestinal Alien Reflux & The Virally Enthroned

Mon June 6
Kansas City, MO area

June 7 @ Old Curtis Street

Denver, CO
w/ Expurgate, Disease Called Human & Denver County Death March

June 8 @ the Red Room

Boise, ID
w/ the Deep, End of All Flesh & Kryterium

June 9 @ Burnt Ramen

Richmond, CA
w/ TBA

Fri June 10 @ the Cheyenne Saloon

Las Vegas, NV
w/ Malignancy, Cerebral Bore, Condemned, To Violently Vomit & More

June 11 @ TBA
Albuquerque, NM

June 12 @ Headhunters

Austin, TX
w/ Engaged in Mutilating, Vaginal Bear Trap & Prolicide

June 13 @ the Butcher Shop

Oklahoma City, OK
w/ Horde Casket

June 14 @ Ziggy's

Chattanooga, TN
w/ Coathanger Abortion & More TBA

June 15 @ Ground Zero
Spartanburg, SC
w/ Atrocious Abnormality & More TBA

June 16@ Cozumel

Virginia Beach, VA
w/ Macerated, Short Bus Pile Up & Waiting Mortuary

June 17 @ Millcreek Tavern

Philadelphia, PA
w/ TBA

June 18@ the Charleston

Brooklyn, NY
w/ Humanity Falls, Andromorphus Rexalia & Torturous Inception

June 19 @ the Palladium Upstairs

Worcester, MA
w/ TBA

A lot of these shows are 21 and up, but not all, so if you're a minor but still listen to good music (like me), make sure you look into it before you buy your tickets. But if you do get the opportunity to see them I highly recommend it, I saw them at last summer's Hostile City Death Fest in Philadelphia and they killed it. And now that they have the new material to add to the set list we have even more reason to be excited. That's all for this week, have a fun and safe weekend everyone. Happy Easter or Passover to whomever it may apply, and for everyone else, uhhh... bye.


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